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Ancient Nomos Art is a museum of galleries exhibiting ancient coins and ancient mint maps. The coin gallery displays the diverse art and history of hand-crafted ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Medieval coinage. The ancient mints mapping gallery features Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Asia Minor and Medieval mint city regions and territories. Visitor's are welcome to explore, study and enjoy Ancient Nomos Art.

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Welcome to the ANAM Ancient Greek Gallery. This gallery is devoted to the ancient numismatic art and coinage of Classical Greece. This gallery combines into one Classical era the ancient Aegean city-state coinage with what is known as the Hellenistic kingdoms. The time period ranges from the middle fifth century BC, following the Greek victory over Persia in 479 BC, through to the end of the second century BC. Classical Greek coinage is usually characterizes by the depiction of gods and goddesses, animals and plants, or inanimate objects attributed to the mythology and culture of the individual city-states. The coins are often somewhat irregular in shape, struck in high artistic relief, and often relatively large and thick. The gods and goddesses were slowly replaced with splendid portraits of Greek kings and rulers during the late Hellenistic period.