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Ancient Nomos Art is a museum of galleries exhibiting ancient coins and ancient mint maps. The coin gallery displays the diverse art and history of hand-crafted ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Medieval coinage. The ancient mints mapping gallery features Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Asia Minor and Medieval mint city regions and territories. Visitor's are welcome to explore, study and enjoy Ancient Nomos Art.

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Welcome to Ancient Nomos Art! We preface this statement with the caveat that words can only begin to summarize the vast, complex and fascinating subject of ancient art. Viewing the galleries themselves will speak to a greater extent about the art and civilizations presented. The Ancient Nomos Art Museum (ANAM) website is a two-fold project. First, a numismatic museum and athenaeum collection of ancient coins and secondly, a graphic display gallery of ancient mint maps. ANAM couples these two projects with a single philosophy and mission. We strive to make the individual exhibits an interesting historical window into the classical world.

Through ANAM’s broad series of ancient galleries, a cultural spectrum of historic development begins to unfold, linking together the awesome evolution of art, culture, wealth, prosperity, power and propaganda found in the ancient world. Gallery displays are designed and presented in the museum tradition of chronology and thematic organization. ANAM has made every effort to make the numismatic and mapping exhibitions come alive with detailed photography to boldly present the unique, hand crafted individuality, found in each work of art. The gold, silver and bronze images are dutifully labeled artifacts with substantial documentation and historical commentary.

Whether you are a passing visitor, collector, ancient enthusiast, scholar or professional, ANAM offers this two millennia museum and athenaeum as a self-guided tour back in time to civilizations earliest form of coinage for exchange, coupled with a visual glimpse into the mint city map regions and territories. The first ANAM gallery is devoted to the field of ancient numismatics. This gallery ranges from the origins of coinage in southern Italy, through the combined millennia of Greek and Roman Empires, into a Byzantium “golden age” and eventual transition to a Medieval culture and spirit. The galleries will offer a view of the ancient Magna Grecia coinage and Medieval coinage, while primarily offering a more in depth perspective on the use of art and myth by ancient Greece, through the vast and powerful art portraiture used by the ancient Roman Empire. The coinage and works of art are presented in a format that displays nearly 2000 years of exquisite beauty, superb detailing, design and their exquisite hand crafted quality.

The second ANAM gallery features the ancient mints mapping gallery. Our ancient mint mapping project provide a graphic representation of the historic time periods, regions and territories associated with ancient mint coin production. The maps are a visualization tool intended to compliment an understanding of the individual coin galleries. They provide a visual image of the distribution of ancient mints that closely follow the historic patterns of cultural expansion, growth of economic trade, political influence, along with the shifts in territorial occupation. The first ancient mints map begins with the relatively small area of Magna-Grecia. The maps then proceed to ancient Greece and continue with the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Persia, the Baktrian Kingdoms, and lastly, to the many Medieval Kingdoms of Europe.

ANAM is dedicated to the preservation and communication of ancient numismatic art. We offer an open-source athenaeum dedicated to the knowledge and memory of these uniquely beautiful objects for individuals, schools and groups to study, research and enjoy.

Acquisition Policy: Ancient Nomos Art Museum considers accepting numismatic materials and ancient artifacts acquired legally and ethically, with verifiable accompanying documentation.

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