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Macedon, Pella – 188 BC

King Philip V

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Macedon, Pella – 188 BC

Obverse: Bearded bust of King Philip V facing left and depicted as the mythic hero Perseus.
Reverse: Large horizontal central Club, legend with 3 monograms; all in a large oak-wreath.

Obv: Bearded bust of King Philip V facing left and depicted as the mythic hero Perseus. He is seen wearing a winged helmet with osteodermed griffin above and holding a harpa over his shoulder; all within a large decorated Macedonian shield. Rev: Legend, BAΣIΛEΩΣ – ΦIΛIΠΠOΥ, translation “From King Philip.” Large central Club positioned horizontally; AP monogram above, two monograms below; all within an oak-wreath; small club symbol in outer left field.



The historical information for the above Kings of Macedon, Pella mint tetradrachm issue, exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

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Value: Tetradrachm. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 16.87 grams. Mint: Pella, Macedon. Date: circa 188-184 BC.
Attribution: A. Mamroth, Die Silbermünzen des Königs Perseus, 6; SNG München 1126; SNG Alpha Bank 1052 (variety); AMNG III 2, (see S.190.36); HGC 1058.

Legend, Documentation and Attribution