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Greek, Thessaly – 175 BC


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Greek, Thessaly – 175 BC

Obverse: Head of goddess Helios facing slightly right with wind-blown hair locks.
Reverse: Rose flower with stem and bud to the right with legend above and below.

Obv: Head of sun-god Helios facing slightly right. Rev: Rose flower with bud and stem to the right; Legend EPMIAΣ above, Z-Ω flanking stem.



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Value: Drachm. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 2.76 grams. Mint: Uncertain Greek mint in Thessaly under Perseus. Date: 175-170 BC.
Attribution: Price, Larissa, p. 241; “The Larissa 1968 Hoard” in Kraay-Morkholm Essays, Pl. LV, 247; SNG Helsinki 795; Keckman 795; R. Ashton, “A Series of Pseudo-Rhodian Drachms from Mainland Greece” NC (1988), pp. 29-30.

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