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Ancient Nomos Art is a museum of galleries exhibiting ancient coins and ancient mint maps. The coin gallery displays the diverse art and history of hand-crafted ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Medieval coinage. The ancient mints mapping gallery features Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Asia Minor and Medieval mint city regions and territories. Visitor's are welcome to explore, study and enjoy Ancient Nomos Art.

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Welcome to the Ancient Nomos Art Museum (ANAM) exhibitions gallery. The ANAM exhibition gallery is an archive of past exhibits with a mission is to act as a visual bridge between the rich numismatic history of ancient cultures and traditions. Each exhibit embodies selective curatorial specimens chosen from the diverse ANAM galleries and specific coin collection displays. All past ANAM exhibitions are designed to provide a unique experience for each visitor, whether scholar, collector, student or patron of the arts. ANAM is dedicated to the primacy of each individual experience, and is committed to excellence in every aspect of its collections and displays, and drawing on traditional tools of communication, interpretation, and presentation. ANAM is always aiming to serve a diverse worldwide public as a welcoming center and resource for learning about our history through the unique experience of the ancient numismatic arts.
The above list is a chronological record of the exhibitions held at Ancient Nomos Art since its grand opening. The exhibitions gallery archive displays the title and sequential dates for each of our shows during the respective year. This list includes only exhibitions shown at ANAM, and does not include ANAM exhibition shows exhibited at major universities, numismatic conventions or at other venues.