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Sasanian Kingdom – 627 AD

King Husrav II

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Sasanian Kingdom – 627 AD

Obverse: Muraled bust of King Husrav II facing right, wearing royal crown with frontal crescent.
Reverse: Fire altar with ribbons and flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames.

Obv: Muraled bust of Husrav II facing right, wearing royal crown with frontal crescent, two wings, and star-in-crescent, surmounted by Kormbos; ribbons and crescents on shoulders; pahlavi legend:name (hwslwb) ”Husrav” to the right, slogan(GDH) and slogan-2(apzwt) ”may his glory grow” to the left; double border with star-in-crescents in outer margin fields. Rev: Fire altar with ribbons and two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames; pahlavi legend: date(hptsyhto) ”37” to the left indicating year of reign, mint-1(WYHC) to the right indicating perhaps the Arrajan mint in Fars; triple border with four star-in-crescents in the outer margin fields.


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Value: Drachm. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.15 grams. Mint: WYHC (Weh-az-Amid-Kavād) mint. Date: Struck during RY 37 or 627/8 AD.
Attribution: Cf. Hodge Mehdi Malek, Khusrau II 4; Göbl type II/3; Mochiri 1356; Paruck 450 (date variation); Saeedi 284 (date variation).

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