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Sasanian Kingdom – 233 AD

Ardashir I

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Sasanian Kingdom – 233 AD

Obverse: Diademed Ardashir I facing right, wearing investiture and coronation crown.
Reverse: Single column fire altar with diadems. Pahlavi legend: “Fire of Ardashir"

Obv: Diademed bust of Ardashir I (Ardašīr) facing right, wearing third investiture diadem (type R) and mural coronation crown with a long beard and hair arranged in a top-knot and draped over shoulders. Pahlavi legend around border: mzdysn bgy ’rtḥštr MRK’n MRK’ ’yr’n MNW ctry MN yzd’n, translation: “Mazdah-worshipping, divine Ardašīr, King of Kings of the Iranians, whose descent is from the Gods.” Rev: Fire altar (flames 2) with diadems (type G). Pahlavi legend flanking altar: NWR’ ZY ’rtḥštr, translation: “Fire of Ardašīr.”


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Value: Drachm. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.36 grams. Mint: Mint C (Ctesiphon). Date: circa 233/4-238/9 AD. Attribution: SNS Type V (4a)/3a (2b); Göbl Type IV/2; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 720 (variety w/pellets before crown). Photo courtesy CNG.

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