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Roman, Republic – 82 BC

L. M. Censorinus

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Roman, Republic – 82 BC

Obverse: Laureate head of the Roman God Apollo facing to the right; beaded border.
Reverse: Bearded satyr Marsyas standing left, gesturing upward while holding full culeus.

Obv: Laureate head of Apollo facing to the right; beaded border. Rev: Bearded, bald and half naked satyr Marsyas standing left, gesturing upward with his right hand while holding a full culeus (wine-skin) sack over his left shoulder; a column surmounted by statue of Victory (or Libertas) standing to his left. Latin legend: L • CENSOR, downwards in the field to the right; beaded border.



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Value: Denarius. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 3.72 grams. Mint: Rome. Date: 82 BC.
Attribution: Crawford 363/1d; Sydenham 737; RSC Babelon Marcia 24; RBW 1372.

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