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Roman, Republic – 81 BC

A. Post. Albinus

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Roman, Republic – 81 BC

Obverse: Veiled head of Hispania facing right with wind-blown hair flowing forward.
Reverse: Togate Consul standing with raised right hand between legionary eagle and fasces.

Obv: Veiled head of Hispania facing right with wind-blown and disheveled hair flowing forward; legend HISPAN behind and downwards in field; beaded border of dots. Rev: Togate Consul figure with right hand raised, standing between legionary eagle with wings raised to the left and fasces with a bound ax to the right. The legend; A • POST • A • F • S • N • ALBIN in fields between and in exergue; beaded border of dots.



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Value: Denarius. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.03 grams. Mint: Rome. Date: 81 BC.
Attribution: Crawford 372/2; Sydenham 74; RBW 1393; RSC Babelon Postumia 8; Elvira Clain Stefanelli Collection, Smithsonian National Numismatics Curator, NAC 100, 274.

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