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Roman Republic – 49 BC

Quintus Sicinius

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Roman Republic – 49 BC

Obverse: Diademed Bust of Apollo facing right with six-rayed star below.
Reverse: Club of Hercules draped and supporting a Lion skin, scalp and paws.

Obv: Q SININIVS III•VIR, Diademed bust of Apollo facing right; six-rayed star below. Rev: C COPONIVS PR•S•C, Club of Hercules draped and supporting Lion skin, head, forelegs and paws; bow to the right and arrow to the left.



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Value: Denarius. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.00 grams. Mint: Military moving eastward with Pompeius “Magnus” while in exile. Date: 49 BC.
Attribution: Crawford 444, 1a; CRI 3; Sydenham 939; Sicinia 1; Photo Courtesy CNG.

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