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Roman Republic – 134 BC

M. Marcius Mn. f.

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Roman Republic – 134 BC

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma facing right with raised visor; modius behind.
Reverse: Victory standing in biga charging right, corn ears between legends.

Obv: Head of Roma facing right, wearing winged helmet, ornamented with griffin’s head, visor in three pieces. Wearing single drop earring, and pearl necklace, hair falling in three locks; modius behind, X mark of value below chin. Rev: Victory driving galloping biga to the right, holding whip in right hand and reins in left. Legends M MAR C/RO MA in two lines below and divided by two stalks of grain.


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Value: Denarius. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 3.95 grams. Mint: Rome. Date: 134 BC.
Attribution: Crawford 245/1; Sydenham 500; Kestner 2223-4; BMCRR Rome 1008-12; Marcia 8.

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