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Medieval, Tripolis – 1266 AD

Tripolis County

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Medieval, Tripolis – 1266 AD

Obverse: Cross pattée in octilobe of four arcs and four angles with 8 outer dots between angles.
Reverse: Large eight point star in center all within a curvilinear octilobe; two dentiled borders.

Obv: + BOEMVNDVS : COMES (triple colon stops), Cross pattée in octilobe of arcs and angles with 8 dots between angles, two dentiled borders. Rev: + C∙I∙V∙I∙TAS : TR∙I∙POL∙I∙ (dots flanking I’s), Large eight point star within a curvilinear octilobe; two dentiled borders.



The historical information for the above Medieval Tripolis silver (double) gros exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

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Value: Gros (perhaps a double gros). Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.20 grams. Mint: County of Tripolis. Date: 1251-1275 AD.
Attribution: Schlumberger IV/19; Seltman 22; Metcalf, LE 490-493; CCS 22.

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