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Medieval, Tours – 1295 AD

King Philippe IV

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Medieval, Tours – 1295 AD

Obverse: Philippe IV le Bel (the Fair) or le Roi de Fer (the Iron King) legend with short cross pattée.
Reverse: City of Tours legend; Châtel tournois façade in center with floral border of 12 fleur-de-lis.

Obv: Small cross + BNDICTV: SIT: NOmE: DNI: nRI: DEI: IhV XPI, another small cross + PhILIPPVS, Large cross pattée in center; 3-pellet stops, all within three beaded circles. Rev: + TVRONVS CIVIS mint legend; Châtel Tournois façade with small cross pattée above and within beaded circle; outer floral border of twelve fleur-de-lis in ovals, all within beaded circle.


The historical information for the above Medieval Tours, France silver gros tournois (à l’O rond) coin exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

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The ANAM Special Features gallery examines the medieval France die Engravers or Metal Workers (Graveur de Métaux) assortment of punch tools (poinçons), with many unique shapes and sizes, used to create the metallic obverse and reverse die designs and Latin legends for the Philippe IV dit “le Bel” gros Tournois à l’O rond, circa 1300 AD. To view the gros Tournois à l’O Special Features coin exhibit, please use the following link: Medieval Gros Tournois Punch Tools Exhibit

Value: Gros tournois à l’O rond. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 4.07 grams. Mint: Tours, France. Date: Struck circa 1295 – 1314 AD.
Attribution: Duplessy 213B; Ciani 203b; Roberts 2461; Lafaurie 218; Josiane Védrines 1983, 257 (this coin).

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