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Medieval, Gepids – 493 AD

King Thraustila

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Medieval, Gepids – 493 AD

Obverse: Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of King facing right.
Reverse: Large central monogram of Theoderic; cross in legend fields above & star below.

Obv: DИ ΛИΛSTΛSIVS P ΛV, Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. Rev: + Λ ROMΛNI * VIИ VICTΛ, Large central monogram of Theoderic; cross in the field above, and star below.


The historical information for the above medieval Gepids quarter siliqua exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

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The ANAM Special Features gallery deciphers the very challenging early medieval Gepid coin monogram of Theoderic. To view the Special Features coin exhibit of ligatured layer upon layer of Latin monogram letters “DN Theodericvs,” please use the following link: Deciphering Theoderic Gepid Coin Monogram Exhibit

Value: Quarter Siliqua (type 2). Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 0.65 grams. Mint: Sirmium mint. Date: Struck circa 493-526 AD.
Attribution: Cf. Wroth, page 58, 78; BMC Vandals –; Stefan 1; Kraus 63-64 (Theoderic); MIB I, 46 (Theoderic); MEC I, –; Demo 75-77 (Theoderic); Metlich, page 43, fig. 22 (Theoderic); Alain Gennari, The “Sirmium Group”: about the so-called Gepids siliquae, Type 2, page 32; Helios Numismatik, 4, 760 & 761.

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