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Medieval, France – 1222 AD

Raymond VII

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Medieval, France – 1222 AD

Obverse: Small cross + in legend, I’ΛWVIVWD (WD ligature), central cross having entasis and spindle bars.
Reverse: Small cross + in legend, ΛW •θ• WE (WE ligature) CI, crozier fuselée between Roman numerals VII.

Obv: + I’ΛWVIVWD (WD ligature), deciphered as RAMVIVMD. Central cross having entasis and spindle bars; beaded border between legend. Rev : + ΛW • (θ with long cross bar) • WE (WE ligature) CI, E in legend with long cross bars, deciphered as ALIBMIECI. Crozier fuselée between II Roman numerals, V (five) numeral below; beaded border between legend.



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The ANAM Special Features gallery takes a closer look at the medieval silver denier issued by Raymond VII, grandson of Henry II of England, minted in the Chateâuneuf de Bonafos (Albi) during the historic anti-materialist Catharism reform movement and subsequent Crusade and inquisition by Pope Innocent III. To view the Special Features coin exhibit, please use the following link: Medieval Crusade Against Catharism” Exhibit

Value: Denier. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 1.05 grams. Mint: Chateâuneuf de Bonafos mint of Albi. Date: circa 1222 – 1249 AD.
Attribution: Les Études Sorguaises, Histoire de L’Atelier Monetaire de Pont-de-Sorgues, Plate VI, 16; Poey d’Avant 3898; Duplessy, Féodales 1180; Boudeau 774; Roberts 4253.

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