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Medieval, Benevento – 866 AD

Louis II of Italy

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Medieval, Benevento – 866 AD

Obverse: Legend in the name of Carolingian Emperor Louis II "the Younger" of Italy, +LVDOVVICVS INP, around a cross potent on two steps.
Reverse: Legend in the name of Carolingian Empress Angilberga, wife of Louis II, +ANGILBERGA NP, around a cross pattée crosslet.

Obv: +LVDOVVICVS INP, cross potent on two steps; all within beaded border. Rev: +ANGILBERGA NP, cross pattée crosslet; all within beaded border.


The historical information for the above Medieval Benevento silver denier of Carolingian King Louis II of Italy exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

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Value: Denier. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 0.99 grams. Mint: Beneventum, Italy. Date: Struck during brief second Carolingian reign of Beneventum, Italy, 866/7-870/1 AD.
Attribution: Depeyrot 141M; M&G 1178; Grierson & Blackburn, Medieval European Coinage 1, 1116-7; CNI XVIII 42; E. Arslan, Le monete di Ostrogoti, Longobardi e Vandali; Catalogo delle Civiche Raccolte Numismatiche di Milano (Milan, 1978), page 74, #107; Spink UK Ltd., Auction 16005, 27 June 2016, 1855. Private acquisition by Kunst und Münzen AG, Lugano, Switzerland, July 1969. Photo courtesy Classical Numismatic Group, LLC.

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