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India, Kushan Empire – 127 AD

Kanishka the Great

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India, Kushan Empire – 127 AD

Obverse: Full figure of Kanishka I "The Great" standing facing with his head turned to the left.
Reverse: Nimbate figure of four-armed Shiva (Oesho) standing facing with head turned left.

Obv: ϷAONANOϷAO KA-NhϷKI KOϷANO, Full figure of Kanishka I standing facing with his head turned left, diademed wearing peaked Iranian cap with curved-pronged ornament on top, sacrificing over altar and holding goad and scepter, flames at right and left shoulders; annulet on cheek. Rev: OhϷO, Nimbate figure of four-armed Siva (Oesho) standing facing with head turned left, pouring water from flask in extended lower right hand, holding vajra (thunderbolt) in raised upper right hand, transverse trident in raised upper left hand, and holding a he-goat at hip in lower left hand; Tamgha symbol in field to the left, dotted border.



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Value: Dinar (Royal late phase series). Metal: AV Gold. Weight: 7.98 grams. Mint: Perhaps the main mint in the ancient Bactria region (Balkh?). Date: 127-151 AD.
Attribution: MK 62 (O24/R39); ANS Kushan 382-4; Donum Burns 131.

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