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Imperial, Roman – 25 BC


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Imperial, Roman – 25 BC

Obverse: Bare head bust of 38 year old Gaius Octavius Thurinus (as Augustus and Princeps) facing right.
Reverse: Flying Capricorn heading to the right with head facing left, bearing large cornucopia.

Obv: IMP • CAE SAR, bare head bust of Augustus (Octavian) facing right. Rev: AVGVSTVS, Flying Capricorn heading to the right with head facing left, bearing large cornucopia on his back; all within a large laurel wreath.



The historical information for the above Imperial Roman silver cistophorus exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Ancient Nomos Art Museum offers a special exhibit featuring this coin of Emperor Augustus. Please follow the “Special Features” link provided below.

The ANAM Special Features gallery examines the evolving ancient coin portraiture of Emperor Augustus (born Gaius Octaviun) during his five decades of Roman imagery. The ancient coin images of the Emperor Augustus can be divided into three distinct phases; his Actium period style, his idealized Hellenistic style as emperor and, following his death, the posthumous portrait styles. As this special features exhibit displays, characteristics of each of his evolving portrait styles can be seen to include; his disheveled youthful busts, realistic Republican style busts, through later appearances in a Hellenistic manner. To view the Special Features evolving Augustus coin portraiture exhibit, please use the following link: Evolving Augustus Portraiture Special Feature Exhibit

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Value: Cistophorus (Triple Denarius). Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 11.97 grams. Mint: Ephesus. Struck circa 25-20 BC.
Attribution: Roman Imperial Coinage, I 477; Sutherland Group V, – (unlisted dies); RPC I 2213; RSC 16; BMCRE 696 = BMCRR East 263; BN 916–7.

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