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Greek, Thrace – 398 BC


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Greek, Thrace – 398 BC

Obverse: Forepart of galloping Horse facing left with beaded truncation at torso.
Reverse: Vine stem with hanging bunch of grapes. Rhyton to left in dotted square.

Obv. Π – Λ, Forepart of horse facing left with beaded torso edge and three folds of skin below mane. Rev. Vine stem with hanging bunch of grapes. Rhyton to left; ΜΑ, (Maroneia abbreviation) to right; all within dotted linear square.



The legends, documentation, and attribution for the above Maroneia tetrobol exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.


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Value: Tetrobol. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 2.81 grams. Mint: Maroneia. Date: 398/7-386/5 BC.
Attribution: Schonert-Geiss, Die Munzpragung von Maroneia, Berlin 1987, 273ff; Weber, Plate 90, 2339.

Legend, Documentation and Attribution