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Baktrian Kingdom – 105 BC

Strato I Soter

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Baktrian Kingdom – 105 BC

Obverse: Diademed and draped bearded bust of King Strato I Soter.
Reverse: Athena Alkidemos standing, brandishing thunderbolt and aegis shield.

Obv: Legend, BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ ΔIKAIOY ΣTPATONOΣ (“of King Savior and Just-Righteous Strato”), diademed and draped bearded bust of Strato I Soter facing right; wearing one diadem tie angled upward. Rev: Legend ; pronounced in Kharosthi, Maharajasa Tratarasa Dhramikasa Stratasa. Translation, “Great Savior King Strato, follower of the Dharma”, Helmeted Athena Alkidemos standing facing with head turned right, brandishing thunderbolt and aegis shield; mint monogram in lower left field.


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Value: Bilingual Drachm. Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 2.50 grams. Mint: Perhaps Pushkalavati. Date: 105-85 BC.
Attribution: Bopearachchi 11A (tetradrachm only); Haughton, Silver–; Bopearachchi & Rahman–; SNG ANS –; MIG –; Triton XIII, 259 (same dies); Triton XV, 1357 (same dies); Photo Courtesy CNG 91, 435.

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