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Etruria, Populonia – 230 BC


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Etruria, Populonia – 230 BC

Obverse: Facing head of Metus as Gorgon with hair bound in diadem; OXI:IXO legend below.
Reverse: Flat and blank planchet (flan).

Obv: Facing head of Metus as Gorgon with hair bound in diadem; legend: o X I:I X o, mark of value below chin; all within a beaded border. Rev: Flat blank planchet.



The legends, documentation, and attribution for the above Etruria Populonia 20 Asses exhibits are currently in review. Please come back to visit this item again in the next few weeks.


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Value: 20 Asses (Roman weight standard). Metal: AR Silver. Weight: 8.40 grams. Mint: Populonia, Etruria. Date: Circa 230-211 BC.
Attribution: Sambon 47; BMC 11; Weber 62; SNG ANS 78; HN Italy 152; SNG Ashmolean 5; SNR 69, 1990, 49; EC Group XII, Series 47.21; Sangiorgi, Strozzi Collection, 1907, 554; Vecchi II, Etruscan Coins, 55.8 (this coin illustrated).

Legend, Documentation and Attribution