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Imperial, Roman – 330 AD

Populi Romanus

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Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of the Genius Populi Romanus facing left holding cornucopiae.
Reverse: Crossed braced bridge between two arched stone towers over flowing river water.

Obv: POP ROMANVS, Laureate and draped bust of the Genius Populi Romanus facing left, with cornucopiae resting over his left shoulder. Rev: Crossed braced bridge between two arched towers over flowing water (Tiber River?); CONS/B.



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Value: ½ Follis. Metal: AE Bronze. Weight: 1.33 grams. Constantinople mint, 2nd Officina. Commemorative series bronze struck in 330 AD to celebrate the founding of Constantinople.
Attribution: Roman Imperial Coinage, VIII 21; Carson, LRBC, London (1978) 1066; David Vagi, CHRE, Sidney. 1999, 3043.

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