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Ancient Nomos Art is a museum of galleries exhibiting ancient coins and ancient mint maps. The coin gallery displays the diverse art and history of hand-crafted ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Medieval coinage. The ancient mints mapping gallery features Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Asia Minor and Medieval mint city regions and territories. Visitor's are welcome to explore, study and enjoy Ancient Nomos Art.


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This compilation of photos illustrates each of the most recent Roman, Asia Minor and Medieval additions. The photos are all shown here at near actual coin sizes to provide a sense of their scale relative to other denominations and minting time periods. Some photos may include an enlarged surface for clarity and emphasis.


I. Provincial Roman Tranquillina Bronze – Alexandria, Egypt. Circa 243 AD.

II. Gepid Silver Quarter Siliqua – Sirmium, Pannonia. Circa 493 AD.

III. Caracalla Bronze 8 Assaria – Roman Pergamum, Asia Minor. Circa 214 AD.

IV. Crusader Silver Double Gros – Tripolis County, Asia Minor. Circa 1266 AD.

V. Visigoth Gold Tremissis – Ispalis, Hispania. Circa 612 AD.

VI. Gehelmde Gouden Leeuw – Ghent, Flanders. Circa 1367 AD.

Please visit the specific Ancient Nomos Art Roman, Asia Minor and Medieval Galleries for enlarged details, attribution and additional documentation.

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